Not all of us can afford to attend the growing number of EDM festivals that are littered across the globe so the recent addition of live streams have been a welcomed feature that aids in bring an abridged version of the festival experience to the comfort of one’s home. A new study by Eventbrite suggests that live streams actually increase the sales of the festival over time. According to the study, “69% of millennials say that seeing a live stream makes them more likely to go to the real-life event in the future.”

The study came out right after Pasquale Rotella made a clear statement that EDC would not participate in unfiltered live streaming because, “nothing can duplicate the feeling of being surrounded by 140,000 other smiling faces, dancing until the sun comes up in the desert sky.” That having been said, The EDC Curated  program offered over 8 different streams for viewers to enjoy the show while also including some features such as viewer-chat, a curated instagram and twitter feed and more. Similarly, Tomorrowland, Ultra, and Coachella also offered some in depth and immersive viewing experiences for their fans who couldn’t make it to the festivals.

The Eventbrite study will be published shortly and include more revealing statistics, such as “nearly 1 in 5 (17%) millennials attended a music festival in the past year, and of those, many were the youngest of the group—those still in school. In fact, more young millennials (students) attended a music festival last year than those that were employed.”