As Pasquale Rotella always does and as any good CEO should do, he personally addressed some issues that have been raised over the live stream of EDC Las Vegas. Having already had to trash the king/queen idea, Pasquale and the Insomniac team made the decision to change things up for their first ever live stream of any EDC as well. Instead of a live stream in the traditional sense that Ultra and other festivals have followed, EDC Las Vegas will have what they call EDC Curated. In checking out Pasquale’s full statement, I get the idea that this behind-the-scenes centered broadcast will attempt to give the best “false” experience of EDC to anyone who can’t attend the actual festival.

Pasquale states that live streams “dilute(s) the experience” and gives one a fake sense that they have been to the festival. This is something that certainly has been debated before; given that EDC is obviously much more than just the music, the idea of actually curating what goes on the stream, instead of simply filming the DJ sets, makes sense 100%. The hope is that this broadcast will get people to buy tickets to next years event, while also give them some comfort in a serious time of FOMO. You just can’t beat the real thing, so Insomniac is faking it the best they can for fans. Or that’s what it seems. Insomniac better not just give recaps or basically a shortened version of the EDC movie.

Details about what exactly the content will consist of is unknown to the public, however, I trust they are taking care of it in the best way possible. The entire Insomniac team, with Pasquale Rotella very much included, know what they are doing and who they are doing this for. One of those I can clear up easily and without a doubt; the fans. The other we will have to wait until this weekend to have resolved.