Pierce Fulton has been tearing up the progressive house seen as of late, and fans of his from the beginning can attest to how far he’s come. ‘As You Were’ strays a little bit from his typical style, but it is still decidedly Pierce Fulton.

Melody is the key in this release. Some arpeggiated synths, deep rolling basslines and some really well-crafted sound design are also integral to the beauty of this track. It’s so chill I could listen to this on repeat and fall asleep in minutes; so unfortunately, I probably wouldn’t want to hear this at a club at 2am when I’ve already had a few drinks and am all ready to pass out to sleep.

From the SoundCloud description, “The reason I decided to give it out now is because I have 2 other songs coming up called Kuaga & Noon Gun that release September 1st on Beatport and September 15th on iTunes. I thought this would fill in some time before the release and help spread the word about all this music I have coming!”

Check out ‘As You Were’ below and get your free download HERE; pre-order Kuaga / Noon Gun HERE.