With the first round of Fresh Face Friday coming to a successful close, we have three artists to present to you for the first ever round of Fresh Face Friday Monthly. The three artists featured in this week’s poll have beaten the competitors of their individual weeks and the winner will move on to Fresh Face Friday Quarterly where they will have a chance to release music through Your EDM. But before the quarterly segment takes place, we must first have three monthly rounds. I present you this week of Fresh Face Friday.

Have a listen below and vote for your favorite!

Sokko & Lyons Ft. Heartburst – Now or Never

To kick it off, our first artists to be featured for “Fresh Face Friday” is the Oregon residing duo, Alex and Doug. With such a huge passion for dance music, the two knuckled down and began working together as Sokko & Lyons where just two short months later debuted their first original track. The excitement they feel in the studio creating new music is what drives the two guy’s dream of someday traveling the world to share their music.

Sokko & Lyons on Facebook and Twitter
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Inviction – Osiris

Miami, Florida native Jonathan, otherwise known as Inviction, has been producing for almost two years. Jonathan incorporates unique melodies that are inspired by years of listening to Deadmau5. With an awesome drop and heavy energy throughout, “Osiris” catches your attention instantly.

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Paris Burns – Calypso

Pulling inspiration from books and movies like “Brave New World” and “Fight Club”, this duo hails from Denver, Colorado has, “shaped their name into something that mirrors the emotion elicited when acting chaotic and irrational toward something orderly and structured”. They are always looking for that new groove that often defines how you will dance, by creating a juxtaposed yet cleverly balanced signature sound.

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After hearing the finalists for Fresh Face Friday Monthly, make your selection below based on which of the three featured is your favorite and should advance to the Quarterly segment!

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-Chris W-