The duo who created one of the better jokes from late 2013 that spilled into this year (and was later overused) has been busy with touring with the big boys, making a variety of great progressive house remixes, and riding the biggest success train the duo has made for themselves with “#Selfie”. Now the Chainsmokers is beginning the process to unveil it’s latest original single featuring vocals from Siren. On their Instagram, they posted a 15 second clip of the single titled “Kanye”, that leaves fans with a crispy build and an abrupt end before the drop can start. We’ll have to wait until August 5th to see the song in full or until another preview reveals itself.

If you need new Chainsmokers right away and cannot wait for August 5th, they will have a new remix out tomorrow. The remix is of Bebe Rexha (singer of Cash Cash‘s “Take Me Home”) and her song “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You”, which unfortunately has no previews available at the moment. However, if it’s anything like their remixes of Neon Trees, Ellie Goulding, Chromeo, and more, then it is sure to be another quality production from The Chainsmokers.

Check out the clip of “Kanye” featuring Siren below and let us know what you think of it.