Photo by Yael Malka via BuzzFeed

It goes without saying that Asaf Borger, aka Borgore has served as an incredibly divisive figure in the world of EDM. His outlandish brand and persona has drawn the battle lines between love him and hate him, with very few of no opinion in the middle. Recently, BuzzFeed wrote a feature on why Borgore is the “most hated man” in EDM that raised some fairly valid points.

Let’s be honest, Borgore’s career has been built upon the sort of things that would make even the most lax HR department collectively shit itself. People have argued that his brand is immature at the very least. However, there are some that would go as far to call Borgore sexist, even misogynistic.

The artist himself, denies these allegations simply saying that he’s kind of joking and that everyone should stop being so judgey. Which, is admittedly the lamest defense you can possibly take in that situation. If 90% of everything you do can be construed as sexist, it’s hard to change anyone’s mind by saying that you’re just doing it for the lolz. That sort of defense is as paper thin as the “I’m not being racist” argument…

Whatever your thoughts on Borgore are, the article is worth a read through – be sure to hit up Tumblr afterwards and vent.