Two relatively unknown producers out of Atlanta, Georgia have just unleashed the sickest track I’ve heard in the last week. I gotta say, I absolutely love it when up and comers, like RIOT, dish up something that is as well made as it is unique. So without further ado I’m very happy to bring you RIOT’s Your EDM debut, with American Beauty.

Featuring the absolutely lovely vocals of TIGRLILY, American Beauty isn’t your typical tune. While mid-tempo with serious melody has been done before, it hasn’t been done quite like this. If it wasn’t in 110 BPM, I would say that Adam K & Soha would be drooling over it, (hell they probably still might). Right away it’s apparent that American Beauty’s lush sound is reminiscent of some of the more uplifting sound design used in prog house. The lead is a beautiful vibrato rich siren song that seems to hit every pitch perfectly. Even in house tempo, melody and progression is rarely nailed this well. Do yourself a favor and check it out – be sure to grab your Free Download as well.

With an incredibly impressive release catalog already under their belt, I’m expecting big things from RIOT in the future.