Everyone wants their own Daft Punk helmet. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the duo, which would make you crazy, there’s no denying how cool the helmets are. Now, you can make your own helmet thanks to Charles Bergeron who has created a similar homemade version, while also providing tutorials for making your own, if you wish. Although, you will need some materials, including LED lights and Beaglebone Black, as well as gold, chrome and plastic. Currently, to get the lights programmed, one has to connect the helmet to a PC, however Bergeron is working on an app that will allow one to light up the face-plate without a desktop/laptop. In the video you see the helmet in action and I do have to say, it would be pretty bad ass to have one of these for yourself. You can build one by following the guide, or you can wait and purchase the helmet for $2300 in September when it goes on sale.