We have always had a penchant for Far Too Loud and his unique brand of punishing and funk-filled electro; so it should come as no surprise to find out that we are extremely excited to sink our teeth into his latest collaborative record with Electrixx entitled, ‘Let’s Rock’. Slated for release via Sick Slaughterhouse on August 25th, ‘Let’s Rock’, intertwines a trance-inspired euphoric build with a pulsing bassline that is destined to decimate anything in its path. In preparation for his latest release, we had a chance to chat with Oli about the inspiration behind and making of his latest record.

What was the inspiration behind the collaboration and ultimately the final record, “Let’s Rock”?

I’ve known the Electrixx guys for about four years now but I knew their music well before that and they were a big influence when I started making electro house. We’ve been on the same line up a number of times and have talked about collaborating before, now we finally got round to doing it. For inspiration when working on the track I guess I was thinking of the times I’ve been in the crowd watching them live.

In 2004, Far Too Loud began as a trio who predominantly produced breaks until eventually evolving to produce your now signature style of electro house. Fundamentally, what aspects of your production do you think the FTL has been built around?

I enjoy making music that has a lot of energy, big builds and a good dose of funk. Peak-time stuff. Breakbeat and electro house both fit that bill the best for me.

What aspects of your sound will long time fans recognize in “Let’s Rock” and instantly associate with a FTL production? (Where will listeners hear your mark in “Let’s Rock”)?

I certainly hope the mixing and mastering, maybe the melody.

Collaborations between artists can often prove difficult for many reasons. Despite difficulties with your DVI cable and a few computer crashes, how did this collaboration flow?

Quite easily I’d say. We both did work separately and then I went over to Berlin. We combined what we had done and finished the track off pretty quickly. It makes it so much easier being in the same room for at least part of the writing process.

Throughout your career you have been very open to share production tips, tutorials and secrets to listeners and upcoming producers. What would be your top tips for creating a successful collaborative track?

As mentioned above, spending at least some time in the same room is my main bit of advice. Other than that, I’d say don’t be loathe to go and redo something you already spent time on because the other person isn’t feeling it. It can be hard to ditch something you’ve put a lot of effort into, but it will generally be worth it.

Music is a dynamic art form that continues to evolve with time. Currently, what trends in electronic music do you find are shaping what you like to play out and ultimately the style of music you are producing?

Everything I’ve been working on recently is electro house. I’m liking the whole spectrum from big room to nasty bassline stuff, and especially tracks that mix the two.

What can we expect from FTL for the remainder of 2014? More collaborations, remixes, originals, touring?

All of those! Next single lined up is a collaboration with Astronaut…keep an eye out for that soon.

Purchase your copy of ‘Let’s Rock’ right here on the 25th.