Llucid got its hands on on the Plans EP in a hurry, I’m sure. With how crisp and creamy these beats are, everybody should be on this with a quickness. Kruisemode has a magical EP on his hands. With three songs he builds an alluring landscape of futuristic sounds.

I absolutely love the beginning of this. “My Level” couldn’t be more perfect. Getting the funk going with some class comes Kruisemode with this groovy gem. “I’ll Be Around” is a more garage-influenced single that was done with the vocalist Leia Sadiku, whose voice is ever so smooth. Prepare for this track to be around your playlists, a lot. In closing things with the title track, the EP wraps up quite nicely. It’s subtle and every bit as dreamy as the previous song, however they take obviously different forms. This being a much more hip-hop like sound. In creating this three package deal, Kruisemode sealed the deal for me as a fan. Watch out for this one.

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Artwork: J D Chmielewski