To all the students out there starting school again for another semester packed with early wake-ups, cafeteria lunches, and tedious homework, welcome to either your last weekend of the summer or the first weekend of the school year. Even though the summer vibes are starting to dwindle, let’s revive them as a reminder to how great the summer of 2014 was. To do so, let’s welcome a remix from Hoboken, New Jersey native Gazzo.

He releases a free download of his take on the classic track “Changes” from hip-hop legend 2Pac. This song is great for three reasons. First off, it drops Tupac Shakur’s lyrics that speak out on issues prevalent to the drugs, ghetto-life, and racism of the 90’s which are still relevant today. Second, the first drop is bouncy progressive house that initiates energetic rhythm. Finally, this song follows all of this splendid production with a second drop that alters the tone to funky future bass. It ends on the progressive house note, but remains groovy from beginning to end.

Check out Gazzo’s remix and let us know what you think of it in the comments section below. Also make sure to download it from SoundCloud to own the tune that captures the summer.