Orno is a fresh face, but one you should certainly be watching out for. Here with his first official release “Wayfinder”, we see him take on progressive house and do a marvelous job.

Wayfinder” greets you with a big opening, heavy atmosphere and orchestral elements that lead into a fantastic, melodic breakdown full of emotion and power. Delightful piano keys play smoothly alongside chiptune elements as the song begins to rise. There is clear inspiration from Porter Robinson in the feel of this track, mainly songs like “Language” and “Easy” coming to mind. Feelings of nostalgia and old school video games are present as the track finally builds into an upbeat melodic breakdown. Absolute beauty is the best way I can think to describe this song. The way it pulled me in and took me on a journey left me breathless. If you aren’t already, you should be watching out for Orno and his future releases.

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