A low-key love of mine have been livestreams as of late. Some background noise to throw on the second monitor as I work diligently in the office. This year seems to be the year of the festival-at-home approach to shows. CoachellaUltra Music Festival Miami, and Tomorrowland all had streams of their own and now Yahoo! has teamed up with Live Nation to craft Yahoo! Live; a new online experience bringing you a new concert straight to your living room EVERY NIGHT this Summer. Talk about raising the bar.

After hearing that last part, you can only imagine the backflips I did when I heard Yahoo! Screen was teaming up with Live Nation to create Yahoo! Live, the world’s largest live concert series. We’ve already touched on how livestreaming shows can increase ticket sales, but does the “try before you buy” tactic of watching a full tour event before you consider purchasing tickets actually work out better or worse in the long run? According to a study conducted by Eventbrite, “69% of millennials say that seeing a live stream makes them more likely to go to the real-life event in the future.” Yahoo! and Live Nation seem pretty set on the idea that it will, as illustrated by their readiness to livestream incredible talent each day for an entire year to its online viewers. Even more impressive is the lineup they’ve assembled which has a bit of everything for everyone. Ranging from Justin Timberlake, Usher, and The Offspring, to Washed Out, and Cherub. This new series has something for every music lover, with tonight’s performance highlighting the EDM aspect of the series via Jon Gooch, aka FEED ME.

Expected to drop hard-hitting tracks from his newest album debut, Psychedelic Journey, FEED ME is set to offer up quite the production in his live show at Colorado’s Boulder Theater that you can enjoy from the comfort of your Lazyboy at home. Promising a step up from his “With Teeth” tour, this isn’t a spectacle you’d want to miss (especially if it’s free!) If you do happen to conjure up an excuse to get out of this experience, no worries. Yahoo! will have the entire set on loop for 24 hours.

Clear the schedule and get the popcorn ready, the event will take place on Yahoo! Live’s website at 10pm PDT tonight.