Earlier today, Jon Gooch aka Feed Me released his latest EP, entitled Psychedelic Journey, on his label Sotto Voce. This marks his first official release since his debut full length album Calamari Tuesday, which was probably my favorite album of last year, came out on October 14th.

While in the past his releases have typically demonstrated his prowess when it came producing at to multiple tempos, Psychedelic Journey beats at a steady 128 pretty much the whole way through. As someone who is more than a little bit ADD when it comes to taste in music, I was a little worried that this might get a little stale; but then again, this is Feed Me we’re talking about…

Despite all 4 tracks being labeled as “electro-house,” each once bring a different vibe and insight into Gooch’s mind to the table. But what they all have in common is what really counts: unrelenting energy, out of this world production quality, and that signature sound that screams classic Feed Me that always leaves his fans hungry for more. While the whole EP is stellar, the opening and closing tracks, “Patience” and “Without Gravity” respectively, are easily my favorites.

Clearly Feed Me put a whole lot of love and tender care into this masterfully crafted EP, which was originally slated for release last Christmas, but was definitely well worth the wait!

PURCHASE: Beatport, iTunes

Make sure you catch Feed Me Live with Teeth on the Psychedelic Journey Tour coming to a city near you soon!