The Chainsmokers’ new song “Polkadots” feels like a fourteen year old’s attempt to be the next Martin Garrix. There is nothing unique or fresh about it and honestly, it feels like something that was made in under two hours. Recently I have seen a number of producers taking on a big room house challenge where they had twenty four hours to make a big room house track, and I figured this was The Chainsmokers’ go at it. But after reading the description, I found out this song is six months old. They have apparently been playing it at shows. Maybe it’s because I’m sitting in my bedroom writing this and not front stage at a festival, but this is the first track in a long while where I actually had to stop it mid-way because I couldn’t bare to listen to it. It wouldn’t shock me if this was a song made entirely of vengeance loops, presets and samples from other tracks.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate The Chainsmokers or their music; I’m actually a big fan of some of their tracks like their remix of “NONONO – Pumpin Blood,” but “Polkadots” is a really disappointing song from the duo.