When we talk to artists about their music the common thread that ties most conversations together is at some point the artist will proclaim, “I hate genres.” As bloggers, categorizing tracks is a necessary component of our reporting but even we will admit, this is getting increasingly more difficult as the days go on. A perfect example of this conundrum is Buygore Record‘s latest release “Kill It with Fire,” by Ghastly and Sullivan King. If we’re being true to journalistic integrity, this track can only be described as the heaviest of heavy bass music. It’s not dubstep. It’s not trap. It’s three minutes and fifty seconds of low frequency sine waves pulsing through your body like fire ripping through the iconic wooden humanoid structure on the last day of Burning Man. Sure there are elements from several genres going on in this track, but as a whole, this number defies all preconceived notions of hip-hop or dub influenced bass music.

Putting Ghastly and Sullivan King in the same studio can be dangerous for your health, which we saw on their previous collaboration “Fuck The System [Free Download].” We are confident you are a risk taker so go ahead and head over to Beatport today and pick up this exceptional tune.

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