TOER is a dude you should already know. Chilligerent won’t be, but these two partnered up for an original that will scare everyone but the bass heads. “Boogie Man” is their hybrid original that has that iconic style TOER is continually perfecting; with the help of Chilligerent, who has no music yet on Soundcloud aside from this, the product is even more bangin’. Think big and strong; this packs that sound that would blow away crowds at EDC with bass, something that I feel has been lacking this past year at festivals thanks to big room. It subtly builds the hype and then releases it in full through an impact of grizzly basses and ear shattering synths. Once you get to the second drop, you’ll get on your hands and knees and start praying to the gods of the low end thanking them, if you haven’t already. All you really need to do though is thank TOER and Chilligerent for making and releasing this one for free!

Free Download