Late Saturday night at Foam Wonderland in Austin, Texas, headliners CAKED UP got into a fisticuffs with fellow heavy bass producer Chris Marshall, aka Crizzly. Crizzly, a family member alongside CAKED UP at their management company Warpath Group, showed up as a guest to the event at his hometown which saw a turnout of several thousand. What appears to be a quick attack to their tables then escalates into a mini-brawl of sorts for both Crizzly and Oscar Wylde of CAKED UP.

A source allegedly claims that both artists appeared to be under the influence of unknown substances but this claim was later debunked by Crizzly himself in a tweet:

As the video starts, you can see Crizzly (on the left) stand up after picking up what appears to be his cellphone off the ground and reach out for the mixer, then proceeding to dart off stage. All of a sudden, Oscar Wylde is seen running out of view of the camera with security staff running in seconds later. Once Oscar returns back onstage into the camera, appearing flustered and mouthing curses, he hops on the microphone to utter “Crizzly just got punched in the face!

Oscar Wylde then reached out after the show to apologize for his actions:

“I’d like to publicly say that what happened was a heated incident that escalated and violence is not a resolution no matt what I’m pissed that I let myself do that. I love my music so much and I didn’t want my set interrupted for the 10th time in front of 2k people.”

Another source of ours, supposedly working the event, reached out to us having the back-of-house side of the story claiming Oscar was indeed picking on Chris the entire night during his set due to him drinking from before and Crizzly also saying “payback was a bitch.” Could this be a possible retort to Oscar Wylde slapping Chris’ cellphone from his hands?

Where as the actual cause of the scuffle is still unknown, was Oscar Wylde’s justification for assaulting a fellow Warpath Group family member hold ground? Watch the video for yourself and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.