Flume is the latest artist to be featured on In The Nest, a mix series developed by Skrillex’s Nest HQ.  The series spotlights him during his Los Angeles run, part of a small US tour lineup.

In the video, Flume discusses where his music has come from, where it’s headed, and what has led to him achieving international success and a hungry US fanbase.

While not yet achieving Top 50 on the US BillboardFlume has garnered a following by spreading his music through more modern conventions.  “That’s new,” he says.  “That’s kind of like the new wave, and I feel like I am one of the first producers that has harnessed the power of SoundCloud and Facebook and social media in general.”

There is no doubt that Flume’s unique taste in music and fresh take on electronic production has led to his quickly growing success.  It will be exciting to see where he takes it from here.  Flume admits that a second album is coming, but only once it’s ready.

For me, I love doing really weird, different stuff.  But I also really like bangers.  I love huge sounds, things that make people move…I can’t wait to put some of the new stuff out.  It’s sounding way fatter.

You can watch the entire video in full below!

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