One of the most popular hybrid bass tracks from the beginning of the year just got a gnarly dubstep make over by Sullivan King, a co-producers of the original. It has always been baffling how Sullivan King has made such massive tracks and yet still remains well under the 10k mark on Facebook, but let that be a testament to promoters and record labels: Facebook likes do not mean shit.

The “Pure Evil” VIP remix is a track that is truly a representation of this man’s motivation and talent. If it doesn’t knock you square in the chest and make your ears bleed, then it won’t be branded with SK’s serpentine stamp of approval. His tracks, including this VIP, have some of the hardest drums and most powerful flutters to be heard in the dubb- i-verse and yes that is him wailing on guitar at the break. If you’re lucky enough to catch him live, he might even be shredding behind the decks while mixing.

You can pick up the VIP remix of “Pure Evil” for free here, make sure to rate, and if you haven’t done so already, checkout “Kill It With Fire,” his latest collaboration with Ghastly, which is also available through Buygore Records. | |