“Clouds” is going to be one of the most interesting tracks you hear today, or this entire week, really. KRNE and TastyTreat came together to conjure up a production whose sound goes down a couple different roads. The intro sets the stage with its ambient style, easing the listener into the experience that is to come. Still chill, the unique trap style portrayed is not your everyday sound, which is a estimate to these producers creativity and attitude. They’re thinking ahead and bringing that future to us now; that’s something I think all producers should do. Another thing producers need to do is to further develop their tracks within a single composition. Take “Clouds” for example, it’s second drop goes into an entirely different sound more along the lines of jersey club to spice things up. One last thing I have to mention is that I love the fact that the percussion sounds so organic. I also love that this is a free download, and I’m sure you will too.

Free Download