Dub Police juggernaut, Subscape, is often known for his colossal productions which delicately interlace an emotive and soulful flair with resonant bass. In the wake of his most recent release, ‘I Would Have Loved You’, we sat down to pick the experienced bass technician’s brain and see his top records of the season. So with out any further ado, here’s Subscape’s Top 10 Hottest Tracks of Summer:

1. Subscape – Mallet

A new one from me, from the collection of material I have been writing for my new album.


2. Caspa – Submission

Caspa made this track while in Denver and named it after the promoter. It sounds like it was made in the past, but it has a strong modern feel about it.

3. Subscape – I Would Have Loved You (AWE Remix)

I’m happy to have AWE on remix duty for this track. He has made a more stripped back version, which works perfectly on a big sound system.

4. The Others – Voyager

This is a very weighty track with big 808’s and a high-pitched vocal on the intro, which sets the mood every time I play it.

5. Variations – Endlessly Empty

This track is dangerous. When I heard it on a big soundsystem, I knew that I needed to include it in my sets. Dancefloor gold dust.

6. Joker – Head Top (BadKlaat remix)

I’m a big fan of ‘Get Twisted’ from BadKlaat – this is a brave and strong reworking of the massive track by Joker.

7. Mydas – Listen In

New music from Mydas, this guy has a great talent and knows how to make music filled with emotion.

8. Ethic – Who Is It

Something a touch different from Ethic, but I like the direction, and the fact that he is experimenting with the different styles of dubstep.


9. Subscape – Pain Killer

Keep an ear out to find the full version. This is another track from the album batch…


10. Subscape & Infuze – Feel It

The last time Infuze was in Europe, it was only right that we got in to the studio together for some UK meets USA dubstep. This was the track we made; I think it is a good representation of what we both bring to the table. It’s a dancefloor banger and we might make this a freebie soon!


‘I Would Have Loved You’ is available now via Dub Police, representing part of the ongoing sessions for the producer’s debut album. Stream the EP teaser below and purchase your copy of the EP here! Enjoy.

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