Photo courtesy of Charity Strike’s Soundcloud.

The LA-based producer group, Charity Strike, just released their latest remix of Paris & Simo‘s track, “Silent.” If you are an electro house fan, then you will definitely dig this production.

The flow of the snares in the beginning of the track is only one small piece of evidence of how massive this tune is. After the first break, the melodic vocals of Gabrielle Ross accompany a catchy lead. The bassline hits once the vocals end, with a huge big-room sounding 4/4 loop that will get you down and dancing. Their choice of sound design might be a bit generic, but they have added many other cool sounds that I have never heard before.

Consisting of Mike Lisanti and Philip Scully, the duo is just starting to blow up. Their productions focus on more big room sounding tracks, including remixes of Martin Garrix, 3BLAU, and Showtek.

You can purchase the track on Beatport from Sept. 15.

Take a listen of the track below: