Having a serious case of the Mondays? Denver’s own Krooked Drivers has the cure; their latest track ‘Take Me Back’ is an eerily nostalgic, groove-laden musical journey that’s sure to get your head bobbing and your heart pumping. The duo fused elements of organic and electronic instrumentation to create that signature warm, emotive feel of electro soul. It’s a sound that was pioneered by giants like RJD2 and Pretty Lights, but Krooked Drivers take the genre and make it all their own. Their arrangement is perfect, filled with expressive drum patterns and glitchy synthwork switch ups. The tune feels like it somehow came from both the past and the future, making the vibes it puts off undeniable.

‘Take Me Back’ is the second single to come off Krooked Drivers‘ upcoming LP, Finding the Way. The album is set to be released on Michael Menert‘s Super Best Records and we couldn’t be more excited to hear the full version. In the meantime, this track and another single are available as ‘name your price’ downloads on the producers’ Bandcamp.


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