Vomitstep, ever heard of it? If you are a fan of Snails, then you may have, but if you are not, then let the STOMP EP be your first venture into the sound built by one man. Released through Kannibalen Records, this project features two tracks ripe with the iconic bass we many have come to know and love. That couldn’t be characterized better than the title track. The intro teases you all the way until the “turn it up” sample hits and you fall victim to the grungy low frequencies. I love it, but I think I love “RDM” just a tad bit more. A collaboration with Bawdy, this tune has a more traditional dubstep feel to it, yet it still has that Snails edge. These two together form one massive EP you that you can snag through Beatport. Do so, then please vomit it all over your friends.

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