The only person that can get away with wearing an all white suit after Labor Day is the fu-manchu flexing phenom known as Valentino Khan and Your EDM is proud to be co-premiering his official video for “Make Some Noise” along with UKF.

The action packed video features Valentino as a llama-whispering tycoon who must save the city when his soon to be fire-breathing fur buddy terrorizes the streets with anarchistic threats of noise bombs and demonic stares. As the threat is vanquished, a well deserved fist is raised in the air as sweet victory hits the beaches of Khan-ville and the hero fades off into the sunset.

Hit up the video below, grab the track from iTunes here, and let us know how you would deal with a larger-than-life llama in the comments.

In addition, as if a video chock full of explosions and fire-wielding llamas wasn’t enough, Valentino is also taking the time to release his absolutely bonkers VIP of ‘Make Some Noise’ for free. To claim your download, simply Shazam the track below or follow the link here and enjoy! | |