If you like your beats hot, heavy, and weird, then Subp Yao is a name you need to know. We’re always on the look out for artists that are moving the scene forward and this young producer from the Netherlands is definitely making those moves.

His latest release comes at you hard and fast, like a bass-laden freight train; entitled City of Dreams, the EP is four tracks of beat mania. Fusing elements of trap, future bass, hip-hop, and club music, Subp Yao creates an eclectic sound that really takes on a life of its own. The intro track ‘Into the Great Wide Opening’ will open your ears with it’s airy synthwork and lush arpeggios before flinging you head first into massive bass drops. ‘Sum Sum’ is a dark and aggressive trap tune with pounding drums and club-pleasing lyrics from dOOp; from there, the UK garage/grime vibe of ‘What It Do’ will have your mind spinning in infinite loops while the truly champion track ‘So Wild ft. Cata.Pirata’ finishes off the cut with massive horns and bumping basslines.

Subp Yao‘s City of Dreams EP has been released on Doggtown Records and is available for purchase on iTunes. Take a listen to the full stream below and make sure to show this talented producer some support!


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