After an over eight month hiatus on Monstercat, Muzzy is back and better than ever. Having taken time off to focus on his music and develop himself more as a producer, his new single “Insignia” really showcases how far and how much he has grown.

The song itself is a mixture of trap, drum & bass and drumstep. The breakdown sounds like a hit of nostalgia reminding me of tracks like “The Phantom,” but rest assured this isn’t like anything else he’s done. The first drop leads you into trap and might catch those who were expecting off drum & bass off guard. However, it’s not long before the drum & bass kicks in to gear and you can really see what makes this song special. Following the first drop is a cinematic second breakdown that builds and builds into a hectic hybrid drop. Muzzy manages to go from drum & bass to trap and back in an incredibly seamless fashion.