Remixes of old songs that have made a breakthrough in electronic music are my favorite, and this version from Jack Eye Jones is one of them. The legendary Tiësto track, “Adagio For Strings,” is back with a different sound!

The lead of the track has remained the same, but the drop has radically changed. A darker synth and a heavy drumloop are in place of the original beat, and they give the track a taste of Jack Eye Jones‘s style. The video is also really dope. The sequence stars with a group of semen swimming around, until one of them makes it into the ovary. After the fertilization occurs, the video switches to showing faders and a cool, animated club scene.

The Scottish producer has been known from his previous track releases of “Playground,” and “Far East,” and his residency at Ibiza’s Gatecrasher. If you are looking to see Jack Eye Jones live in the US, then this will be some great news for you! He recently announced a US tour with 15 dates confirmed this fall.

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Take a peak at the remix of the legendary track, “Adagio For Strings:”