First off all, CONGRATULATIONS! Celebrating the 100,000 milestone on Facebook, Fox Stevenson brings with him a free remix of “This Year” by Cooper. His exuberant take on the track is about the most exciting thing I’ve heard this month. Of course with the original’s lyrics, there’s the hint of reality, but overall, this remix paints a pretty dreamy picture. In bringing together genres, he steps into territory that need not be classified really. All it needs to be classified under is magnificent. And free, too! For all the United States readers, we have something special for you after you listen to the song. You just have to hear it!

Free Download

From October 9th until October 25th, Fox Stevenson is open game for house parties. The producer, as well as label owner, wants you to hit him up to DJ a house party of yours, or one of your friends or whomever. Tell everyone; send in your own email to the one below. I’m just saying, it wouldn’t be a bad time if you had him over to your place.

[email protected]

Photo Credit: Solovov Photography