Imagine being a young producer in the scene and slowly gaining recognition when, suddenly, two of the world’s most renowned dance music stars pick up one of your tracks and play it to hundreds of thousands of people. That feeling must be unimaginably awesome and for Philadelphia music maker G-Buck, this is reality.

G-Buck‘s ‘#Twurnt’ is an aggressive, uptempo twerk number that will turn any dance floor into a sea of pumping fists and clapping booty. Recognizing that potential, JackU (AKA Diplo Skrillex) added the song to their massive set at Ultra Music Festival and people have been getting #twurnt ever since. The increase in popularity after JackU‘s performance inspired G-Buck to revisit the track and add some flair; a musical ‘Re-Up’. The reproduced version of the track has vinyl scratches sampled from Sat-One and it truly gives the track a more live, energetic feel. G-Buck plans to release an instrumental version of the track in the near future, but for now you can cop the free download of ‘#Twurnt (Re-Up)’ on his Soundcloud.


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