While I personally enjoy writing about Trance for Your EDM on a weekly basis, I have to confess that I hold a very personal love for the deeper side of EDM and the complexities that these outstanding pieces provide is unlike any genre that I have heard of to this day. Today, we take a look at a brilliant Polish producer who refers himself as Andromedha and keenly look inside the incredible sound world that he has constructed within the last 3 years. Currently studying in Cracow, this brilliant, young mind began his musical journey in 2012 and since then, has cultivated a highly individualized sound that has struck a major chord throughout the Progressive and Deep Progressive House communities. To him, music is a special outlet of creativity that expresses his inner soul through the deep realms of Progressive and in his own words, “he feels music should be judged on its artistic content and not by the genre its categorized in to. There’s a truth to be found in the music he creates as it stems from various life experiences and is ultimately a reflective mirror of his life and emotions.” Another great quote to be told is this one about his personal connection with music: “When I start to work on music everything else fades away, then a kind of magic happens.” He is currently the owner of the mysterious Dark Upload Recordings and has made appearances on labels such as Tucandeo‘s In Sessions, Mystique Music and PHW Elements, and has been supported by the likes of Markus Schulz, Max Graham and Roger Shah. Now, he marks his thrilling debut on the spellbinding Nueva Recordings with a brand new exploratory single entitled From The Past.

As stated before, Andromedha‘s tracks are incredibly complex in design and vision, and it may take several listens before one is able to grasp the entire concept behind the track. With a boastful authority on musical themes and an unbelievably tight grasp on intuitive, innovative sound designs, From The Past promises to be a fierce journey of aesthetically musical ideologies. Starting things off with an unusual breakdown, a bombardment of various instruments such as strings, vocal cuts, accompanying synth snips and a very interesting main lead synth all coalesce together underneath the wrappings of his supreme orchestration abilities as metallic vocals loudly proclaim ‘From The Past‘ with a slight industrial feel. During the commencing drop, a heavy duty bassline grits its teeth and grinds itself throughout the phrase as faint harmonic pads, torque induced synths and heavenly induced vocals clamor around each other struggling for dominance. While the entire phrase is chugging along at a moderate speed, one may miss where exactly that part of music fits within the entire schema of the track as a whole. While the percussions, basslines and other various sounds are mainly continuous, they are only part of the short game that keeps the entire phrase moving along; but throughout the track, there is a longer, more fluid game to be played which takes many bars and phrases in order to fully come forth to fruition. Sweeping pads, dreamy chords and wondrous Progressive leads lead us by the hand on the expansive journey through the track and allow us to fully satisfy ourselves at the prospect of patience ultimately leading us to a much desired reward.

Andromedha‘s newest single, From The Past, will be out tomorrow via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q