If you are currently reading this article, then you are in for quite a treat since we’ve recently learned that a true master of the Trance scene is finally heading back to his roots to deliver the true meaning of Trance like it was intended in the first place. The absolute legend that is Andy Moor has always been placed in a special spot throughout the great halls of the scene and his status as a world class technician has elevated his legacy as one of the greatest Trance producers of all time. He is responsible for timeless classics such as K Ta, The Whiteroom, Trespass and Love Again and has worked with world class artists such as Lange, Orkidea, Above & Beyond and Tenishia. However, within the last two years, he has been quietly straying away from his original technical sound and instead opted to replace it with a club friendly sound that incorporated subtle Electro and Trouse elements within his sets and singles such as Fade To Light and his collaboration with Lange on Top Of The World. Recently, Moor took to Twitter to make his intentions known about the future of his sound: “It’s honestly so nice to hear the feedback about The Thrillseekers remix. Obviously, the Original was great, but it made me realize that I should stop caring about what I ‘think’ people ‘want’ and go back to making music based on feeling. The next few productions are not going to be considered Big Room, but will instead concentrate on depth, sincerity and emotion.” He corresponded this notion with an absolutely brilliant remix to The Thrillseekers‘ newest tune, This Is All We Have, and with one, fell listen, we instantly realize that the old magic of Andy Moor had returned to a scene that desperately needs Trance to be revived once again.

This isn’t to say that Moor‘s recent productions are ‘bad’, per se, but they are all missing that intense spark of madness that has categorized his classics into a unique and detailed universe that completely stands out on its own in terms of legacy and notoriety. The Thrillseekers‘ main man, Steve Helstrip, has already gained a new spring in his step for his career, and his recent releases such as Like They Used To with Ian Standerwick and All The Little Things with Sam Mitcham has firmly cemented his talents as one of the true purveyors of real Trance music. Having The Thrillseekers and Andy Moor on a single track is a dream for most Trance fans and since Moor has decided to utilize this track as THE track to herald back his original sound, the end results are nothing short of inspirational. Beginning with a simply gorgeous guitar line from The Thrillseekers, Moor digs deep within his past self and opens up a beautiful, wistful arrangement of flowing string pads and suspense-driven piano ostinatos to orchestrate a stunning breakdown that has conviction, meaning and most importantly, emotion throughout every synapse of this track’s being. Especially within the past couple years, breakdowns have either gotten lazy and/or boring, but he manages to illustrate a luscious and detailed storyboard that moves forward with a purpose, and the complete outline of the piece is consciously aware of the evolving pace of the music and refreshingly acts accordingly. During the course of the main release, Moor utilizes dreamy, underwater arpeggios and heavily melodic basslines to fantastic, technical effect and while it may not be as euphoric as other pieces, its unstoppable sound design and attention to emotional output easily makes this one of the standout Trance tracks of the year. Rather than call this track ‘This Is All We Have‘, maybe we should instead change it into ‘This Is What We Want‘, since his return has sent the entire scene abuzz with excitement and anticipation.

Andy Moor‘s wondrous return to Trance with his remix to The ThrillseekersThis Is All We Have is out now on Adjusted Music via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Make sure to also check out the amazing ReOrder remix as well for some Uplifting power to your sets and libraries!


Keep the music alive. -Q