Amongst the swath of albums being released this year from major producers enters a new challenger – Calvin Harris. It was teased on Twitter yesterday morning that after the release of his very successful hit, “Blame,” Calvin has many new tracks coming out.

Soon enough, the hype began to spread and many responded on Twitter inquiring as to perhaps a deeper meaning. Soon the answer was revealed.

Calvin Harris has likely been sitting on this music for quite a while if he’s just announcing it now and having it ready to release within the next three months. Calvin’s last album, 18 Months, reached #1 in the UK and sold over 650,000 copies. With the massive success that he’s been having this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few records were broken with this next album. Personally, I would love to see a return to his I Created Disco sound, but I’m probably just grasping at straws.