I love discovering new music and musicians. Earlier today, I sat down and looked into the SoundCloud profile of a young man from France known as Lucas Chambon. Aside from many illustrious original productions, he has gorgeous bootleg remixes of The Fugees, The Notorious B.I.G., and Miley Cyrus and all his music posted as free downloads. Following up his remix of “Big Poppa”, Lucas has released a three-track extended play titled Instinct with new tunes that expand his sound while keeping with chilling mood and glowing emotion.

The first song is titled “Citadel” and is an excellent introduction to his EP. While taking muffled vocals and attaching them to an infectious melody, Lucas Chambon welcomes you to a relaxing groove where there is no room for bad vibes. Although it does not exhibit the same deep house elements as the rest of track-listing, it does exhibit the sounds to easily slip listeners into a comfort zone of excellent side-chaining and exalting flavor. It leaves me with a desire for more while simultaneously leaving me satisfied in the most peculiar way. It reminds me of songs like “7th Dimension” and “Infinite Funk” from KOAN Sound while setting itself aside in a less lucrative manner than the British duo. Easily, this is my favorite song of the three. However, do not let that keep you from listening to the other modest songs.

Following up “Citadel” is the ever so-rhythmic “At Dawn”. In this song, guitar is introduced to accompany soft claps and more misunderstood voices of this nearly four-minute journey. It holds funk and reposes like a gentle wind blowing through the late afternoon. Lucas Chambon fills this song with the same essence that EDX delivers in songs like “Cool You Life” and “Breathin'” of having heart with a mellow attitude. Halfway through, this song is joined with a soothing synth that carries listeners through tranquility for the next and final track.

In line with the style of the prior track, “Turquoise” wraps up the Instinct EP majestically. It echoes small grungy synths under a never ending melody. Second after second, this song revels in the peace it creates through sound. The best way to describe this song is to call it some kind of wonder. This track leaves me in the awe of serenity as the beat hits again and again. This is the sort of music that can take you away from the stresses we meet in everyday life and replace them with a calming state of mind.

With very relaxing character, Lucas Chambon shines with Instinct EP, exemplifying passion through music. The only disappointment of this EP is their brevity with a combined time of twelve minutes and ten seconds. Even though every good thing comes to an end, at least we can be grateful that there is a replay button. Check out Mr. Chambon’s EP Instinct and give us a heads up on what you thought of the three songs in them.