We all remember the popular SNL skit, “When Will The Bass Drop”, featuring Andy Samberg as the so called world renowned DJ “Davvincii”. With it’s brilliant spin off of Avicii’s name and mockings of what Dj’s actually do up on stage; I was almost to tears in laughter the first time seeing it.

Well following these two producers and Dj extraordinaires victory at DMC’s “World DJ Championships”, Enferno & Shiftee that make up the duo of E.A.S.Y published their own spin off of the hugely popular SNL skit. As the original makes fun of the very little work that a lot of Dj’s do on stage, in a hilarious and fashionable way. These two lads in their version actually put in a tremendous amount of work, while keeping it funny. They literally remix, “When Will The Bass Drop” into this festival trap banger while doing things like ironing, doodling and taking selfies.

E.A.S.Y’s version is just as funny as the original but with a little extra emphasis on making music on stage. Check it out below!

Here’s the original one if you missed it:

-Chris W-