Image Source: Billboard

Every year Billboard creates their infamous 21 under 21 list. The ranking is defined as the following:

There are international stars, social-media powerhouses, on-the-rise groups and singers that have scored No. 1 smashes on the Hot 100 before their 21st birthday. There’s pop, rock, EDM, hip-hop, country, K-pop, and more genres represented here. Most importantly, there’s a ton of potential on this list — these 21 artists have already accomplished a great deal, but are safe bets to continue finding success as they edge toward adulthood. For now they’re just kids, but they’re the kids that everyone in music is watching.

So you might ask, why are we covering this, well because out of the 21 picked 2 Electronic Dance Music artists made the cut. Can you guess who they are without looking? And the answer is….Madeon and Martin Garrix. Not a huge surprise to be frank, from Madeon’s continuous rise to stardom with his recent production work for Lady Gaga and the polarizing Martin Garrix is a no-brainer. Whether you love him or hate him, the 18 year old’s impact on the scene is undeniable. Let us know your thoughts of the ranking in the comments below.

1. Lorde
2. 5 Seconds of Summer
3. Justin Bieber
4. Martin Garrix
5. Fifth Harmony
6. Austin Mahone
7. Earl Sweatshirt
8. Shawn Mendes
9. Becky G.
10. Chief Keef
11. Luis Coronel
12. Meghan Trainor
13. Cody Simpson
14. Madeon
15. Bobby Shmurda
16. Scotty McCreery
17. Troye Sivan
18. Rae Sremmurd
19. Akdong Musician
20. The Vamps
21. Unlocking the Truth

Source: Billboard