It’s no secret that Skrillex and Dillon Francis are good friends, great friends even. From pictures and videos detailing their recent Mothership tour to this TomorrowWorld interview, the two LA natives have a history of shenanigans, pranks, trolls and more scattered across the web. This recent back and forth recorded at Tomorrowland’s sister event in Georgia well illustrates that friendship and camaraderie. From OWSLA’s 3 year anniversary to Sonny Moore and Dillon’s unique sounds and overlapping fan bases, the short but worthwhile recording is fun and entertaining.

Both Skrillex and Dillon Francis have been quite active with their respective careers, with the latter preparing for the release of his debut album “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” which will feature already premiered and available collaborations with Martin Garrix, DJ Snake and more. Skrillex on the other hand has been heavily focusing on the growth of his label and family OWSLA as well as his increasingly popular collaborative project with Diplo titled JACK U. Considering the obvious levels of companionship and bromance, it would be interesting to see a Skrillex and Dillon Francis project, although sadly nothing has been discussed on the matter from either party.

When asked “what is it about this [Skrillex and Dillon Francis’ relationship] that works so well?” Dillon and Skrillex were quick to explain.:

“We’re both from LA, we both kind of grew up the same way” exclaimed Dillon, and Sonny followed up with “we have different sounds but they’re also very similar in terms of the energy, we’re both unique. Whenever we play together it works and we have the same fans so it’s awesome.”

And a perfect display of their bromance:

Source: TomorrowWorld