Following a huge growth spurt in the scene after his out of left field release of “Turn Down For What”, DJ Snake has been busy accompanying headlining DJ’s, as well as headlining a few of his own shows all over the world this past festival season. In a short video documentary featuring, to my knowledge, some absolutely bonkers unreleased material, DJ Snake highlights his 2014 touring of the world and his “13 rules of touring”.

Now number one is essential to this list of course, and that is to “get up”, duh. Following that we have a lot of travel, meet new friends, td4w (turn down for what), and drink. DJ Snake also states that is pivotal that you say, random things on the microphone and do random things in general.

Here’s the thing, although the rules are very important to maintaining a balance in your busy DJ career world wide, the highlight of this video are all of these crazy songs featured that, minus a few of them, I have never heard before. For instance, when you are watching the video below in just a few moments, keep these times in mind: 0:49, 1:16, 1:22, and 3:27.

Sit back and get hyped!

Also, here is DJ Snake’s “Parisian” remix of “Turn Down For What” that was featured for a brief moment. You will not be disappointed.

-Chris W-