Once again, the incredibly respected talents of Solis & Sean Truby rear their combined, musical abilities towards a brand new vocal collaboration with Big Sky vocalist Audrey Gallagher entitled Skin Deep. As the heads of the iconic Infrasonic Recordings imprint, these two definitely know a thing or two about Trance and support true Trance icons such as Ultimate, Moonsouls, Meridian, Andy Tau, Harry Square and Colonial One. Recently, these two have been on a singles and collaboration spree, with singles such as Raccoon and Sectioned electrifying the airwaves while collaborations with Aaron Camz on Consequence, (which you can read about in our review here: https://www.youredm.com/2014/06/16/trance-aaron-camz-vs-solis-sean-truby-consequence-dan-dobson-remix-interstate-recordings/ ), and their upcoming team up with deep daredevil Solid Stone on Mantra. While the original mix of Skin Deep is great in its own right, it is actually the mighty talents of Ian Standerwick that has elevated this track into soaring new heights with a blindingly beautiful rework. We first covered his talents back when he remixed Hazem Beltagui‘s Lost Again and has been on fire with a slew of Originals and remixes including the colossal Valyrian and his remix to John O’Callaghan‘s vocal collaboration with Jennifer Rene on Games. Now, he turns his sights on Skin Deep for a wonderfully engaging and enticing rework that’s guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and adrenaline pumping in your blood upon listening to its intensely crafted melodies.

Standerwick is quickly transforming himself from humble Trancer into one of the biggest powerhouses in the scene, and is aptly placing himself alongside other Trance juggernauts including Photographer, Harmonic Rush and Dreamy. His colossal sound designs and razor edged timbral constructions are rare for the type of magnitude that he imbues throughout his remixes and it is that type of dedication towards quality sounding music that will excel him towards sheer greatness in the long run. The beginning of the track instantly establishes dominance and authority throughout the entire mix as quaking basskicks, immense basslines and fluttering synths set the character and tone of the piece. Even though Standerwick is, (for all intents and purposes), a dominion of Trance, he still reps the grace and finesse to not trample over the lyrics with over-bludgeoned sound kicks; but rather, strives to compliment them surreptitiously. In the breakdown, he takes care to leave things at a calm, yet determined level of expertise, as the entire tone of the piece reaches a tension fueled climate that is ruggedly prepped for takeoff at any moment. After the wondrous vocals of Audrey Gallagher, a simplistic melodic interlude quickly establishes a despair ridden voice with undertones of courageous triumphs as he kicks it into overdrive with a blisteringly bold and fiery main lead that instantly takes charge upon arrival. The resulting release celebrates the mass successes of Trance and delivers a brutal knockout punch in terms of depth, clarity, grit and most importantly of all, raw, crackling power seeping through his very fingertips.

Standerwick‘s stellar new remix to Solis & Sean Truby‘s vocal collaboration with Audrey Gallagher on Skin Deep is out now on Infrasonic Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent today!


Keep the music alive. -Q