Bassnectar is always doing the most to provide his loyal fans with new sounds. In fact, the king of all things bass recently announced some fantastic news: he will be releasing one track from the upcoming NVSB Remixes album every week, along with some exclusive Bassnectar remixes and unreleased original tracks! The first track, a stunningly grimy remix of ‘Loco Ono’ from Stylust Beats and Lorin himself, dropped last week and the second remix is now available for you to fill your ears with.

This time around, ‘Lost in the Crowd’ got the remix treatment from an unknown producer known only as LOCOJA. Originally thought to be based somewhere in Mexico, Bassnectar pulled back the curtain yesterday and revealed that LOCOJA is actually a new side project for himself and fellow bass music pioneer, Jantsen. The two artists have collaborated several times in the past and always churn out killer tunes; as you may have guessed, this latest joint effort is no exception. The hip-hop vibes are thick here and they really give the vocals room to breathe as the track progresses through airy synth work, thundering 808s, and fluttering arpeggios. It’s really refreshing to see a more minimal style of production from such maximal producers and we can’t wait to see what they create in the future. In the meantime, grab the free download and make sure to catch Bassnectar on his NVBS Tour!


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Photo Credit: Rukes