Imagine you are a child in Bali, Indonesia. Chances are you are poor, unfortunately, and your future hinges upon necessities like food and education, two things that are out of your grasp. Luckily, foundations like Giri Asih are here to give opportunities to children that find themselves in the previously described position. You’re not a part of Giri Asih, or the kindergarten they founded, but you can surely help their cause, which has been successful enough to send some children off to University.

Thanks to Dash Berlin and Electric Family, they have partnered up for an Artist Series bracelet that will directly benefit the foundation. Although the organization is from The Netherlands, the work is voluntary, so all the proceeds will be going directly to the people in Bali. If you’d like to have a snazzy Electric Family bracelet, while also aiding to the children of Bali, then do make a purchase when October 21st comes around. Your money will go a lot further than simply getting you an accessory. It will help individuals to make a better life for themselves.

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