Base and Spotify have teamed up to bring you the “hexa-copter”, or otherwise known as the “Party Drone“, to your next festival. The concept behind the party drone is relatively simple; when purchasing tickets to a festival or Base + Spotify sponsored event, you are also asked to input your favorite song to Base’s festival playlist on Spotify. Now flashing forward to the event you’ve bought tickets for, it is unclear how, but the party drone somehow tracks you down and plays your song submission while hovering over you. I assume it tracks your unique phone identification number but maybe it could be the illuminati, I don’t know. The video below shows you what the party drone looks like, it is equipped with three speakers that output 450 watts and an LED light show.

Party Drone - Your EDM

It’s honestly kind of scary to know you’re being tracked down at an event but I would go berserk if my favorite song spontaneously started playing from a life sized drone helicopter as I arrived to a festival, I would flip my sh**.

Watch the video below and tell us what your reaction would be if this guy started hoovering overhead as you walked in the front gates of say, TomorrowWorld or EDC.

-Chris W-