A new concept for future concert goers, created by graphic designer Sarah Lawrence, aims to fix one of the longest standing issues festival attendees are faced with: remembering where and when your favorite acts are playing. Music festivals such as Coachella & Mysteryland USA offer many more recreational activities outside of jamming out to your favorite bands or DJ’s, especially in the campgrounds. These leisurely sports and kickbacks can sometimes leave you in a not-so-coherent state of mind. So what is sure to be the next festival trend are these temporary tattoos with your custom festival schedule for your arm or wherever else you would put these.


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All that’s needed to get this DIY ink done is a pair of scissors so you can personally choose which acts at which stages you’d want to see. Of course, you’ll also need a clean area on your skin and a wet hand towel to get the job done. Once applied, they’re apparently durable enough to survive a solid weekend of partying but will easily come off with some baby oil when the festivities are over. Because who doesn’t want to be forever branded with a personally chosen lineup of your favorite festival? Depending on how hard you plan on going that weekend, you might want consider writing a “if found return to:” on the other arm in Sharpie.  It’s cheaper and may help ensure you eventually get back home or at most back to your campsite.

H/T Laughing Squid | Photo Credit: Sarah Lawrence