I’ve been following the Yahoo! Live 365 series back when I reported on how they were going to live stream one of my favorite artists, FEED ME, back at his last show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. You can imagine the feels I felt when I heard Yahoo! Live, the world’s largest live concert series, was going to cover Cherub’s show today in West Hollywood at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip for free. Figuring it’s a lazy Sunday, it’s a free concert, and it’s actually some good music what else better do you have to do?

Even more impressive is the lineup they’ve previously assembled which has a bit of everything for everyone. Having already brought in artists like Ziggy Marley, Panic! At The Disco, Justin Timberlake, UsherThe OffspringWashed Out, and many more. This new series has something for every music lover! If you’re at work or can’t tune in for whatever reason, Yahoo! will be rebroadcasting the live stream on loop for the next 24 hours on their website.

We’ve already touched on how livestreaming shows can increase ticket sales, but does the “try before you buy” tactic of watching a full tour event before you consider purchasing tickets actually work out better or worse in the long run? According to a study conducted by Eventbrite, “69% of millennials say that seeing a live stream makes them more likely to go to the real-life event in the future.” Yahoo! and Live Nation seem pretty set on the idea that it will, as illustrated by their readiness to livestream incredible talent each day for an entire year to its online viewers.


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Source: Yahoo! Screen Live  | Photo Credit: Galore Magazine