You wouldn’t think it, but in terms of creative exploration and generation of new sounds, 2014 has been quite incredible. In spite of the massive boom of big room house, other artists have taken a step back and re-examined their own abilities and sounds and come out with something truly magical. One such result of that exploration is just a little twist on an old classic – by throwing in some strong summer vibes, using horns and steel drums, you get “tropical house.”

I don’t believe anyone has achieved as widespread recognition in the genre yet as Thomas Jack. He’s the poster boy of the genre for a reason, his productions are always magnificent interpretations of the potential of the burgeoning new genre. Its crossover appeal could make a potentially large impact on what we consider “mainstream” music.

This remix of MYNGA’s “Back Home” is slow and calm, but man does it have a wonderful groove to it. The twenty-one year old Aussie fuses guitar and saxophone for an uplifting and progressive track that keeps you hooked until the very end. Summer may be officially ending, but I don’t think we’ll have an issue extending it for a bit longer.