I am in fact, all about that bass. No treble.

Apparently I live under a rock, because Meghan Trainor is a name that was unfamiliar to me until this remix came across my desk this weekend. Apparently, this track, “All About That Bass,” went global and Trainor is somewhat of an international pop star. After watching the video for the original at least 17 times, I can say it is for good reason for her booming popularity. She appears to be a genuine person, and quite honestly a good role model for young girls who suffer from image issues. She is doo wop, bubblegum and booty shaking bass all at the same time.

Clearly, the original was a solid foundation to be upon but let’s not forget the reason I was led there in the first place. AYO Alex also loved the original, and decided to craft an extremely palatable deep house rendition of this pop music gem. AYO Alex takes us von deepah, into a dimly lit basement after party with one strobe light and a bunch of heads nodding to the repetition of soothing bass tones. Managing to flip the original in the gentlest of ways to create something equally weird and futuristic and funky; Alex’s remix is a left field take on the original, that resonates as a familiar yet entirely separate entity from the original.

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