While bass music is naturally a progressive art form, there are still many unknown rocks to be unturned and new directions that haven’t made it on the map. One of the best places to find that nuanced flow is Downlink‘s label Uplink Audio. The label has been busy scouring the globe for the freshest beats so you don’t have to and their latest venture comes from a Danish producer by the name of The Frederick. This classically trained musician has taken his understanding of the cornet, French horn, piano and guitar and applied it to the wonky world of synthesis to create a masterful sound might blow the top of your head square off.

To welcome The Frederik to the Uplink family, he has released a monumental two track EP that is definitely worth your weekly allowance. The EP jumps out of the gate with the spacious trap tune “Godkiller” featuring lyrical licks by Messinian. Just as you get comfortable getting down low, he switches it up with an electro-hop style barn burner with the B-side “Heavyweight Saturday.” Included with the EP is an instrumental of the title track for all of your mixing needs so head on over to iTunes and grab this party starter today.

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