Story time, kids: awhile back, rising trapstyle star Lookas needed a place to crash after a show in Philadelphia. Being the gentleman that he is, fellow producer and Philly native Sweekuh offered him his couch for the night. One thing lead to another and Lookas eventually asked his host to remix the first single he’d released, a wild trap tune called ‘Loko’.

That brings us to today: Sweekuh released his remix upon the world recently and it is a doozy. Wanting to do something different and unexpected, he decided to infuse his production with a heavy dose of irony and flipped ‘Loko’ into a bouncy deep house track! Because, honestly, what’s more ironic than remixing trap into deep house? Putting that aside for a moment though, we have to say the production here is absolutely top notch. Sweekuh‘s deep, groovy breaks are the perfect balance to the epically cheesy synthlines of the buildups and the result is very well rounded tune. We could see it being especially useful in a live setting; nothing is better than psyching out the audience before dropping something they’ll love. Not only that, but the upbeat vibes make it the perfect tune to start your weekend!

Check out the full stream of Sweekuh‘s ‘Loko’ remix after the jump and cop the free download on his Soundcloud.


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