If you’ve been following the news at all lately, chances are you’ve probably heard a little bit about this not so fun virus sweeping through West Africa that goes by the name Ebola. This same virus recently caused a stir in New York City after a man who tested positive for Ebola had reportedly attended a venue included in the lineup of CMJ Music Marathon.

With a few isolated cases of Ebola popping up in the United States, everyone is going bat shit. The Mainstream media has a lot of people under the impression that before long we’ll all be hemorrhagic fevering to death. The Ebola virus has spread out of control in the West African nations of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, threatening to destabilize these impoverished nations possibly to the point of total systemic collapse.

However, Ebola has managed to do something far worse than potentially to rekindle decades of Civil War, destroy what little healthcare infrastructure existed, and generally threaten the well being and livelihoods of millions.

It’s managed to shut down a DJ set. Let that sink in for a second.

Patient 0 of the impending EDMbola apocalypse is a doctor by the name of Craig Spencer. Mr. Spencer had tested positive for Ebola after returning from Guinea where he helped to treat those afflicted by the Ebola virus. Health officials had tracked Mr. Spencer’s movement to a venue, The Gutter, in New York City. The Gutter was slated to host events as part of the CMJ Music festival, but was temporarily closed voluntarily in an effort to protect concert-goers.

The venue has since been determined to be safe and normal operations are reported to have resumed.

Source: inthemix

Editor’s Note: The official number of reported cases of Ebola has surpassed 10,000 with over 4,000 deaths. The actual number of cases is likely much higher. The epidemic is serious and groups like MSF (Doctor’s Without Borders) is struggling to provide the level of aid needed to contain the deadly virus. While this article is meant to be lighthearted, I fully encourage you to consider donating to relief groups such as Doctor’s Without Borders